Facexpression, Facial anonymous video analytics for Digital Signage and Shop windows

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Facexpression is a suite of software able to identify anonymously faces of human around a dedicated medium. It could be used for Digital Signage installation to count and generate demographics of people passing in front and have the so called OTS (opportunity to see) or who looks continuosly the medium and the specific message (video or still) and generate a PPL (pay per look).

Facexpression is able to determinate Sex and Age as well of distance and position from the medium but also, and more important, is able to detect facial expression (smile, surprise, sadness, angry) and to use it to measure and to interact with Digital Signage solution like on the so called "gladvertising" application.

Purpose of your message:

We used a portion of a famous video only to demonstrate the real time capability of our solution to recognize sex and age but more important is able to detect emotions from facial expresson and also to recognize same person occurring again in front of the camera offering the best result in real people counting.
All these functionality protecting the privacy as all the analisys was made internally to the software and never visualized after the installation phase. The log of dwell time analisys is pure number without any image that cannot be stored in the system.

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